26 and back home

I’m starting a new segment about moving back in with my family. I’m a few months late on this. I’ve been back home since the beginning of July. This took a while to come up with then I had no idea how to start. Finally I am. 

Being back home is exhausting. I never really had many happy memories in my childhood home. I am definitely not saying I had a horrible life but that there was quite a few unpleasant moments that i’d rather keep forgotten. I have been living by myself for 7 years before I had to come back home and LOVED living alone. I’ll admit it; the reason why I moved back was because of financial troubles. Couldn’t live off a part time job while waiting for them to make me full time. I knew that would never come no matter how valuable and hard working I was to the company but, that sliver of hope kept me there. I left that job in the middle of August 2016. I did have an online business that I left November 23rd of 2016. Coming to the realization that working an online jewelry business wasn’t all that great. I spent more money updating my boutique than I did making sales. Sad that it took me 2 years to to realize this. 

Since leaving my jobs I went back to college for Entrepreneurship but switched to Business Administration before my second semester started. I started with online classes for school and am still doing it. It was so I could focus on my online jewelry boutique but that obviously didn’t pan out. My first semester was disastrous. Staying up until 4 or 5 am and sleeping until noon is not healthy. You name it, I was so tired, cranky, and stressed. Luckily I passed all my class!! Hopefully I’ll be better prepared for next semester. 

Personally I never thought I would end up back at my families home at 26 years old. It sounds dumb but I felt like I was a failure if I did. I had a not-so-great job, no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and was just plain unhappy. This was possibly the lowest point in my life. 2016 is coming to a close in 3 days. I, along with everyone else will have a new start. Currently i’m done with making resolutions. The only one I will make and try to stick to is to be a hell of a better version of myself than last year. 

So if you are still with me after this rant I applaud you. Lets see where life takes me. After all i’m 26, living back home, and jobless; what’s the worst that can happen. 

As the great Stan Lee says “Excelsior!” (onward and upward to greater glory)         

Wander Often,


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