I have a number of things running through my head on a daily basis. Most times they come and go so fast that I can`t hold on to one long enough to do anything with it. So I have decided to create this blog for the things I can hold onto, passions and interests. Stuff may be jumbled or scattered but everything connects in one way or another.

Some of my like:

  • Singing- even if it`s bad
  • Sunshine
  • Blowing Bubbles
  • Laughing
  • Reading Books- not on a kindle/tablet (I`m old school that way lol)

Some of my Loves:

  • Huge Foodie; just Love food
  • Dancing
  • Moon & Stars
  • Movie/ TV shows
  • Music
  • Pets- Bunny & 2 birds
  • Wild Animals 
  • Family- means the World to me

I`m fun loving and always up for Adventure. I can be child like or mature it all depends on the time or day. So come Wander in this Wonderland I call my life.



Wander Often,


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