Turn of Events

I had my life flipped upside down in the middle of July when my mother passed away from lung cancer and COPD on her birthday. She would have been 62 years old. That day not only did I lose my rock, best friend, my EVERYTHING but a big chunk of me too. I’m scared of what is next. I know I need to get a job and dealing with all of the estate stuff while slowly going into a depression is not easy. I’ve lost the will to do anything. Most of the time I just want to sleep and forget the world but know that I have things to do that keeps me up at night.

My plan is to be more active on here. I won’t be sappy and miserable like I am at this moment. This will be a journey of healing, self discovery, purpose and adventure. This chapter with a gaping hole in my chest is coming to a close and a new chapter has begun. Time to travel through Wonderland!

Wander Often,


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