I have officially moved into my new apartment with my younger sister in early December 2018. We got out of a bad lease that was two months in and ended up finding this place. I wanted to wait a bit to get situated. It’s a nice place. The adjusting to living someplace new is difficult. I semi lived on my own before I moved back home but the house still belonged to my mother. This time it’s different. No one I know owns it or lives around me. 

My sister is completely unpacked but I am still in boxes. I work the night shift at work so I’m tired half the time and want to sleep in. Weekend are for errands or repairing my family’s home so it can finish selling.

The new place is relaxing and comfortable that I have no problem calling it home. I feel safe and at peace. It is a gated complex which is a little pricier than the last place but worth it. Very spacious with high ceilings; the kind of place I always wanted to live in. This feels like the next step in the right direction.

Wander Often,

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