Castle Ruins

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I believe everyone has their own castle. It’s the place that has battle scars, ruins and damage from those that tried to attack you. The place you go to hide; to rebuild yourself. A safe place.

My castle had it’s share of scars. I mostly just leave them but sometimes I will patch them up.

After the tragic loss of my person, my castle ended with a catastrophic blow that left it in ruins. As the dust settled and I saw mine and my mothers crowns laying on a pile of rubble, I lost all hope. I didn’t just lose one queen but two.

It has taken 8 months and a new year to go back and see the ruins. I am slowly rebuilding my castle. It won’t be the same and I know nothing ever will but I need to keep moving. Wanting me to be happy was her goal.

Rebuild, reinvent, renew. Coming back stronger than before. As I slowly rebuild, so will my strength.

From my castle to yours….
Wander often,

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