Rambling day

Looking back on my life I realized I was just trying to get everyone’s approval no matter how crappy a person they were. Yes, I am a people pleaser but I’m learning more and more that I need to focus on myself. Enough of trying to give everything to get friends and family members who will stab you in the back the second you turn.

My true family is my siblings, brother in law and my nephews. Relatives aren’t all that great in my family. I was told countless times to watch out but only half listened. I tried seeing the best in people. That turned out to be very wrong. I learned recently that people will butter you up and pretend to like you just to get what they want. If they don’t, they will attack you.

I have finally learned not to care about those who fake caring about me. It will hurt them but it will be better for me. I’m slowly limiting talking to those people. Soon it will be almost nonexistent. Do I feel bad? A very small part of me does but the bigger part knows i will find people who aren’t related to me that will be more of a family than those relatives.

A message for you: In those times please don’t be afraid to cut ties. You don’t need that negativity in your life. Life is already stressful. Why add in something that’s even worse. Never apologize for improving your life. Take care of you. If they truly wanted to be in your life they wouldn’t have treated you the way they did. Never apologize for improving yourself. The longest relationship is with you. Make sure you’re not just happy with yourself but with the people around you.

Burn as many bridges as you need to feel your best self.

Wander Often,


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