26 and back home

I’m starting a new segment about moving back in with my family. I’m a few months late on this. I’ve been back home since the beginning of July. This took a while to come up with then I had no idea how to start. Finally I am. 

Being back home is exhausting. I never really had many happy memories in my childhood home. I am definitely not saying I had a horrible life but that there was quite a few unpleasant moments that i’d rather keep forgotten. I have been living by myself for 7 years before I had to come back home and LOVED living alone. I’ll admit it; the reason why I moved back was because of financial troubles. Couldn’t live off a part time job while waiting for them to make me full time. I knew that would never come no matter how valuable and hard working I was to the company but, that sliver of hope kept me there. I left that job in the middle of August 2016. I did have an online business that I left November 23rd of 2016. Coming to the realization that working an online jewelry business wasn’t all that great. I spent more money updating my boutique than I did making sales. Sad that it took me 2 years to to realize this. 

Since leaving my jobs I went back to college for Entrepreneurship but switched to Business Administration before my second semester started. I started with online classes for school and am still doing it. It was so I could focus on my online jewelry boutique but that obviously didn’t pan out. My first semester was disastrous. Staying up until 4 or 5 am and sleeping until noon is not healthy. You name it, I was so tired, cranky, and stressed. Luckily I passed all my class!! Hopefully I’ll be better prepared for next semester. 

Personally I never thought I would end up back at my families home at 26 years old. It sounds dumb but I felt like I was a failure if I did. I had a not-so-great job, no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and was just plain unhappy. This was possibly the lowest point in my life. 2016 is coming to a close in 3 days. I, along with everyone else will have a new start. Currently i’m done with making resolutions. The only one I will make and try to stick to is to be a hell of a better version of myself than last year. 

So if you are still with me after this rant I applaud you. Lets see where life takes me. After all i’m 26, living back home, and jobless; what’s the worst that can happen. 

As the great Stan Lee says “Excelsior!” (onward and upward to greater glory)         

Wander Often,


Back to the Future

“That’s Heavy!”

        Today of all glorious days is the day Marty McFly comes back to the future. All Back to the Future Fan can All agreee the we Totally GEEKED OUT on this!!! How exciting is this?!? I mean I and many others have waited years for this day to come. Now that it’s here I can’t control my excitment!

       I’m like a kid in a candy store; officially jumping on the inside. I grew up watching Back to the Future. It’s one of my favorite movies and yes I enjoyed all three. Also I always wanted a friend like Doc and am still searching.

Looking at everything that happened in the movie I realized some is actually coming true. We have prototype hoverboards (please come out sooner). Even though we don’t have flying cars or Jaws 19 we still have loads of other things. BTW Is Nike making a self tying shoe? That would be pretty awesome.

       Anyway I’m gonna head out and rewatch the whole trilogy. Time to Geek Out with some popcorn. Until next time.


“Great Scott!”

Wander Often,


I have a number of things running through my head on a daily basis. Most times they come and go so fast that I can`t hold on to one long enough to do anything with it. So I have decided to create this blog for the things I can hold onto, passions and interests. Stuff may be jumbled or scattered but everything connects in one way or another.

Some of my like:

  • Singing- even if it`s bad
  • Sunshine
  • Blowing Bubbles
  • Laughing
  • Reading Books- not on a kindle/tablet (I`m old school that way lol)

Some of my Loves:

  • Huge Foodie; just Love food
  • Dancing
  • Moon & Stars
  • Movie/ TV shows
  • Music
  • Pets- Bunny & 2 birds
  • Wild Animals 
  • Family- means the World to me

I`m fun loving and always up for Adventure. I can be child like or mature it all depends on the time or day. So come Wander in this Wonderland I call my life.



Wander Often,


What’s new

Hi everyone! So a few of these posts are back from 2015-2016. They are from my previous blog on blogger & just copied them over here. The old posts are my “Introduction” and the “26 & back home.” Don’t get me wrong, the intro is still the same but I’m definitely not 26 anymore. 

Just wanted to give a heads up in case there was any confusion. The latest post about my world turning upside down is from July 2018. 

This was just to clear stuff up. Take care.

Wander Often,