Back to the Future

“That’s Heavy!”

        Today of all glorious days is the day Marty McFly comes back to the future. All Back to the Future Fan can All agreee the we Totally GEEKED OUT on this!!! How exciting is this?!? I mean I and many others have waited years for this day to come. Now that it’s here I can’t control my excitment!

       I’m like a kid in a candy store; officially jumping on the inside. I grew up watching Back to the Future. It’s one of my favorite movies and yes I enjoyed all three. Also I always wanted a friend like Doc and am still searching.

Looking at everything that happened in the movie I realized some is actually coming true. We have prototype hoverboards (please come out sooner). Even though we don’t have flying cars or Jaws 19 we still have loads of other things. BTW Is Nike making a self tying shoe? That would be pretty awesome.

       Anyway I’m gonna head out and rewatch the whole trilogy. Time to Geek Out with some popcorn. Until next time.


“Great Scott!”

Wander Often,

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